How Can I Sell My House Quickly? Guide to Divorce Home Options

Both marriages and divorces have been declining in Texas since the 1980s: the rate of marriage started to drop in 1984 (over 210,000 marriages were recorded that year), while divorces have been on the decrease since 1981 (more than 101,000 occurred then).

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The Texas counties marked with a deeper shade of red on the above map have a higher divorce rate.

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That being said, divorce is still a common, albeit unpleasant event in anyone’s life, and Texas is no exception. If you’re wondering “how do I quickly sell my house?”, Dallas former spouse, we’re here to help. SellMyHouseDallas has been helping couples get through the heartbreak of divorce easier by quickly selling the family home.

How to quickly sell a Dallas house after a divorce

What do you do if the property was acquired during the marriage? It’s next to impossible in this day and age for a single spouse to keep up with all the expenses of owning a family home, in the wake of a divorce. Some couples manage to resolve the issue amicably, by selling the house and splitting the proceeds. But many struggle to find a suitable buyer, which only goes to escalate the conflict between them.

To help you navigate the process easier, SellMyHouseDallas experts explain the process right below:

What happens to your home after you get divorced?

In most cases, it’s everyone’s best interest to reach a settlement on the division of a property. In other words, it’s best to take this matter in your own hands, rather than letting a court and judge decide for you. In the latter scenario, you have far less control over what actually happens with the home.

After you’ve settled how to divide the property, family home included you can:

  • Sell the house. This is usually the best option, largely because none of the two former spouses want to keep the home.
  • Buy your former spouse’s share. In this scenario, it’s usually a good idea to negotiate a purchase plan with your ex husband/wife. You will typically have to take out a second mortgage, in order to afford this.
  • Co-own the house. This option is preferred by couples with children, who don’t want to expose the young ones to the often traumatic process of having to move house after their parents’ separation. Here are some aspects about this, which you will need to bear in mind:
    • Both spouses are responsible for a mortgage. That is, only one of them can be in charge with paying for it, but the amount owed appears on both credit reports. A failure to make the monthly payments will be reflected by both credit statements.
    • A shared mortgage is not a marriage. It’s more akin to a business partnership. If you do enter this kind of agreement, make sure you have it put down in writing. You don’t want to end up realizing that your ex, who initially agreed to cover the mortgage, has simply stopped making payments and disappeared without a trace.

how can i sell my house quickly

You don’t want to have this happen to you, do you?

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What’s the best way to sell a house in the case of a divorce?

Some people mistakenly believe they can sell a home in their name during the divorce itself. This is not true, as an ongoing divorce entails a court-ordered restraint placed on all your property and other assets. Until the divorce is finalized, you cannot sell the home, even if your spouse’s name does not appear on the title deed.  If you want to sell it while the divorce proceedings are still ongoing, you’re going to need the court’s permission.

So, should you sell your family home the traditional way? Many choose this route, as they believe working with a conventional real estate agent will secure them a better price. The thought process here is that, once the deal is finalized, they’ll be able to walk away from the marriage and the transaction with more financial independence.

This is not always the case. A regular sale can take a long time – as much as 90 days, from when the home is first listed, to the point in time when the transaction is finalized. Can you afford to maintain the house and all its expenses for that long? Do you want to be bogged down by this, right after a divorce?

Chances are, in the wake of your marriage breaking up, you’re not exactly open house-ready. Don’t forget that traditional home sales typically involve having a lot of strangers walk through your home and scrutinize its every detail.

divorcees graph for home sellers

Divorcees make up over 10% of home sellers.

Image source: VREG

Can SellMyHouseDallas help me sell my home after the divorce?

Yes, we can. In fact, we guarantee a cash offer within hours of you making a call or contacting us via our online form. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Help you avoid having your family home on the market for months on end, with no buyer in sight;
  • Help you avoid hidden costs, closing fees, and other non-transparent commissions;
  • Help you sidestep costly repairs, inspections, remodels, and other unnecessary upgrades.

Curious if we can help? Reach out to us today and tell us your story!

Come sell your home today with SellMyHouseDallas!

We’re looking forward to having one of specialists contact you. No matter how complicated your situation seems, believe us when we tell you we’ve seen it all, and there’s no house we don’t buy. Our main concern is to keep the process as worry-free and the sale as profitable as possible for you. Contact us and let’s sell your house the quick and easy way!

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