Selling My House Fast in North Texas under Probate: Can It Be Done?

Texas is famous for having comparatively simple probate laws, but that doesn’t make selling an inherited house a breeze. If you’re wondering ‘can selling my house fast under probate be done?’, you’ve come to the right place.

SellMyHouseDallas handles all the complex house selling solutions with speed and no hassle for you, the seller. After all, the last thing you’d want to go through, after having experienced the death of a loved one, is to worry about how you can get rid of their property! And while the law might be more favorable in this respect in Texas, most lawyers would agree it’s not entirely bereft of complications.

Check out the video below, in which a Texas probate law expert explains how to deal with a fairly common situation – inheriting a home after a spouse passes away with no will.

How does selling my house fast work for inheritances?

Alright, so you’ve inherited a home and you live in North Texas. You’re in luck, by most counts: first off, you live in a state with laws that make it easier to deal with this situation than most others; secondly, you own a home in the third fastest growing residential market in the U.S. But what about the downsides?

What do you do if you already own a home, on which you have to pay a mortgage and taxes? What if you have no plans of living in this home, but simply want to sell it as quickly as possible? In this case, you might find this article helpful—as SellMyHouseDallas can help you navigate a situation that’s more complex than a regular home sale.

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Step 1: Call We Buy Houses

You might be approaching the end of a complex and drawn-out probate process. You might have inherited a house that you know you want sold in any condition. By calling SellMyHouseDallas, you can make sure you’ll be getting the right assistance in dealing with:

  • Multiple heirs;
  • Title;
  • Probate;
  • Property condition;
  • Wills, and many other situations.

We’ve got the experience and required funds to deal with your situation. We’re completely transparent regarding our fees and won’t saddle you with several agents, trying to exploit your difficult situation. For starters, all you have to do is call us or fill in our online form.

Step 2: Get the house valued

In order to go through the Texas probate process, you will first need to get the house valued. This will help you determine if you have to go through legal process or not. In most cases, for homes valued a couple thousand dollars or less, you can choose Summary probate. This procedure is not as lengthy, nor is it complex.

For homes worth more than a few hundred thousand dollars, the regular probate procedures take more time and effort. You have to see them through, before you can even start advertising your home for sale. The probate process needs to be completely over before the home can be listed on the market, either for private sale or through the MLS.

Step 3: Get permission to sell the house

After due process, you will receive authorization from the court to do whatever you want with the home. You can either rent it or sell it; as the court-appointed executor/executrix of that property, you will need permission from all heirs (if there’s more than one) before you can sell it. After you receive permission from the multiple heirs, you need to go to the Texas-based court where that property resides and file a petition to sell the house. Once your petition is approved, you can legally sell the house.

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Don’t be one of them!

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Step 4: Assess the condition of the home

Depending on whether you live in Texas or not, you can either do this yourself, or work with our SellMyHouseDallas reps for this step. You will need an inspection, in order to determine if the home needs repairs or serious remodeling. Bear in mind that We Buy Houses businesses will usually buy inherited property as-is, irrespective of the condition they’re in.

Step 5: Check out our expertise!

SellMyHouseDallas has been buying real estate inheritances as-is for quite a while now. We’ve dealt with just about any case imaginable under North Texas codes, regulations, and laws. So, call us today, to get a free financial offer for your inherited property—or check out some of the tips below:

  • Many foresighted home investors choose estate planning while alive. This makes it easier to sell inherited property after their death. That’s because the property is titled a certain way, or held in a trust. This makes it eligible for bypassing the probate procedure and is a frequent occurrence in Texas.
  • You only pay taxes for the value the home held on the date its previous owner passed on, plus any gains you receive from selling the house. Together, these two amounts make up the tax basis—but you don’t have to pay any such taxes, if you sell the home for an amount that is less than the value the home held on the date you were named as the beneficiary of the will.

Come sell your home today with SellMyHouseDallas!

We’re looking forward to having one of our experts contact you. No matter how complicated your situation seems, believe us when we tell you we’ve seen it all, and there’s no house we don’t buy. Our main concern is to keep the process as worry-free and the sale as profitable as possible for you. Contact us and let’s sell your house the quick and easy way!

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