We Buy Burnt Houses: The Stress-free Way to Sell a Fire Damaged Home

Though seemingly impossible, selling a fire damaged house is possible with proper preparation and a fair amount of research. Many unfortunate homeowners find themselves in the situation of having to sell a burnt house and aside from the psychological turmoil that it entails, they also have to deal with the difficulties of selling a burnt home.

Selling your home quickly and effortlessly is sometimes the only way of escaping such a painful experience. A quick purchase ensures that you don’t have to deal with the hard-to-bear consequences of a home burning down:

  • Costly renovations and repairs
  • Unyielding city officials
  • Unending discussions with insurance company representatives
  • Break-ins: this is a common problem that home owners often oversee: burglars are very aware that a burnt house is an easy target. What’s more, any new damage will not be covered by the insurance company under the same incident, meaning more deductibles and stress.
  • Reliving traumatic memories every time you oversee repairs or meet with contractors

The truth is that your home, regardless of whether it has sustained fire damage, is still worth selling at a fair price. If you’re not planning on wasting valuable time and money attempting to sell your home by yourself, We Buy Burnt Houses can help you get a reasonable price for your property. But before you decide on your course of action, here are some tips on selling burnt houses and what you can do to hasten the process.

We Buy Burnt Houses: How to Prepare Your Home

While you do have to disclose any fire damage to a potential buyer, that doesn’t mean that you have to advertise it. You are, after all, seeking the best return on the property you’re parting with, and there may be some minor repairs that can help your house look better in the eyes of prospective buyers. The issue with burnt houses and fire damaged properties is that they need to be heavily discounted in order for you to get an offer.

The question is whether your insurance company will cover, at least in part, the costs of such reparations.

  1. Choose only those repairs for which you see a 100% ROI

You’re preparing your home for prospective buyers who need to see the property in its best form. Now, once you’ve disclosed the fire damage, they won’t be expecting a shiny, new property, however, there are minor repairs that you can do, which significantly increase the appeal of your home.

Think about a thorough clean-up of your house (replace burnt and singed objects and ensure that there’s no visible fire or smoke damage to any structural elements). What’s more, you can even consider applying a fresh coat of paint (this can be done relatively cheap). Realtors estimate that with 1%-2% of the home’s value spent correctly on minor improvements, you can ensure a quicker sale at a better price.

  1. Have the house inspected

Fire damage can easily disrupt a number of other systems, including insulation, pipework, and electrical. Have a one-on-one with a contractor and make a checklist of anything that could turn buyers off, including ceiling boards, changing tiles, window blinds, etc.

Of course, you’ll also have to bring in a building engineer capable of assessing whether the house is habitable after the fire and whether there’s any severe damage to the foundation or structure.

we buy burnt houses

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  1. Evaluate your property

Once the burnt house has been properly cleaned and inspected, you’ll have to agree upon a value. Now, this process depends on a multitude of factors, including the value of the piece of land that your house sits on.

There’s a simple formula for figuring out the cost basis of the land that takes into account your original purchase (land and house). The cost basis depends on the cost of the land as well as the improvements you’ve made. Get your hands on country records around the time you purchased your home and estimate your cost basis (for land and improvements) based on that statement. Express your property’s value as percentages: if you find records that show values of $40,000 allocated $10,000 to land and $30,000 to improvements, you’ll know that the piece of land is worth 25% of the property.

Alternatively, you can consider enlisting the help of a home appraiser who is qualified to fix a value to your home and can take into account the value of the piece of land that your house sits on. This part is essential, especially since a particularly valuable piece of land can allow you to command a higher price for your property in spite of extensive fire damage. Potential buyers may even find the prospect of knocking the house down and building it from scratch more appealing.

Understanding the We Buy Burnt Houses Process

Some home owners simply don’t want to go through this time-consuming (and sometimes traumatic) process. While the selling of a normal house can take up to 60 or 90 days, selling a burnt house can take significantly more. Luckily, you can turn to the We Buy Burnt Houses program to sell your property at a fair price and in a hassle free manner.

With We Buy Burnt Houses, you don’t have to deal with difficult city officials, contractors and costly repairs. Instead, you deal with a seasoned team of professionals that has evaluated and sold hundreds of burnt properties. The process is straightforward and quick: after contacting SellMyHouseDallas.com, a team representative inspects your house and, within 24 hours of seeing the property, you can expect a cash offer. More importantly, they’re experienced with selling homes at any price range and in virtually any condition, meaning that you won’t be wasting money on painting, cleaning and costly repairs.

An animated video showcasing the entire We Buy Burnt Houses Process

Sell Your House Straight Away!

With SellMyHouseDallas.com, you’ll free yourself of the hassle of home selling. Leave everything up to our team of dedicated professionals and reduce the costs, the time and the trouble that comes with selling a burnt house.

Ensure the best return on your property and contact us today. It only takes seconds to fill out our contact form and in no time at all, you’ll be speaking directly to a SellMyHouseDallas.com representative. We also promise no contingencies, no realtor fees, no  delays, no closing costs, no complicated paperwork,  and no expensive commission. So visit our website today and sell your burnt house within days!

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